Some of the stuff I’ve built, or helped build:

Note: Links below might not be live anymore or were acquired and rebranded, or might have pivoted to something else entirely.


  • Airbase - A spend management platform.


  • FunnelFox - A productivity tool for sales teams.
  • Moonlite - An app for freelancers to manage their projects, payments and contracts.
  • Joypost - Send beautiful real postcards via the postal service to loved ones with just a text.
  • iGrowFit - A subscription based fitness marketplace for Singapore.
  • HealthAsaService - An HR and analytics dashboard for health services and event management for corporate employees built with react.js/redux
  • Grapevine - Helps brands launch and run marketing campaigns on Youtube, Instagram


  • Teaspiller - An online marketplace for tax experts.
  • CPA Select - An app for Intuit that helps you connect with a CPA to get your taxes done. Formerly Teaspiller
  • Fratmusic - An online radio site with 1.3 million uniques a month.
  • WiseKangaroo - To help students find tutors.
  • Usitility - A software marketplace and recommendation app.
  • SAXO Publish - publishing platform where anyone can publish e-books, and soon printed books (print on demand) and online courses.
  • TurlyTag - An app that makes it easy to get your things back when they are lost.
  • FertilityPlanit - A meeting place for people who are seeking help related to fertility.
  • Ecomarket - An online marketplace for ecofriendly and ethical goods.
  • KnowYourBank - An app to help you get relevant financial information.
  • HypedSound - to showcase all your music profiles in one place.
  • E-Limu - web-app(with an android app) that delivers curriculum content to school kids in Nigeria.
  • Find my Event Space - to help you find your perfect location for any event
  • GarnishBar - social network, to share mixed drink recipes
  • Hubspot Grader Tools - Helping them build some of internal Grader tools
  • 45 Sec - A customer feedback app (Web + Android + iPhone)
  • Basidia - A learning management platform.
  • 36Months - An online learning platform for personal, social, academic and digital skills.
  • Compete Inc - Working with the inhouse development team at Compete.com for their internal analytics + segmentation app for Google.
  • Agronor - A multilingual online farm management app.
  • Realtime Music Solutions - An online catalog for branded music software.
  • Loudfarm - A music event site, in progress.
  • iGrow - A content management system built on Django.
  • Snapshop - Built the backend for one of the top 10 apps on the Apple store.
  • Melonstand - A forum based marketplace.
  • Priscilla Renea - A community site for Ten Minute Media.
  • Julianne Hough - A community site for Ten Minute Media.
  • Wayne Brady - A community ste using Typepad motion for Ten Minute Media.
  • Emriq - A web based medical records platform for small to medium clinics.